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Tom's Sad Life


Tom went to high school at the age of 16. He is the only child of a wealthy family whose father is a business person and mother is a former model. Tom has always been very good in his studies since he was a kid, the main reason being that Tom went to the best schools in America due to his family's wealth, but since Tom passed 3rd high school, his lessons have been messed up and so has his life. Tom has a very happy childhood and his family is proud of his success in his studies. Tom doesn't experience any serious difficulties in his life during primary and secondary school, but when he comes to high school, it all started when he liked Jennifer, who was in his next class, and he asked her out for the second term. Jennifer accepts this. Tom and Jennifer have a beautiful relationship. With this motivation, Tom goes further in his studies and becomes the top student in the school. Tom and Jennifer have a serious relationship that lasts for 2 years, but in the summer Tom realizes that he has been cheated on, he does not tell Jennifer about this for a certain period of time, but the first week of school he goes to Jennifer. He tells Jennifer that he wants to break up because he knows he has been cheated on. Jennifer denied this, but Tom had seen it with his own eyes. Tom falls into depression with the pain of being cheated on and the pain of separation. Tom can't listen to the lessons and his success in the lessons is declining day by day, and his family realizes this and they hire a private tutor for Tom. No matter how much Tom didn't want it, school success is very important for his family, but school success means nothing to Tom anymore because there is nothing from the lessons anymore. If you ask him, he doesn't know what subject they are in which lesson. Tom, whose success at school is declining day by day, learns that his father's business is going very badly, and a few months later, he learns that his father has gone bankrupt. Her father opens a furniture store with her remaining money and her mother tries to become a model again, but no agency would accept it. That's why his mother and father try to manage this shop together. After a certain period of time, they cannot get along with what they earn from the shop. So they have to sell their houses and cars. Tom no longer has to go to school by bus, but on foot. Tom goes to one of the best schools in America in high school, just like in elementary and middle school, but after a while, this school becomes a serious burden to his family and they enroll Tom in another school. As sad as Tom was, he was happy that he would no longer see Jennifer. Tom starts making new friends at his new school and starts getting good at his studies again. When everything is going well, Tom goes to the store and can't see his father, when he turns towards the back of the store, he sees that his father is cheating on his mother. Tom just stares for minutes. Tom doesn't have anything anymore and he starts running towards the house crying. When he comes home, he immediately goes to his mother and tells the story by crying. Her mother runs towards the shop and she encounters the same sight. His wife can't say anything. They divorced after a week. Tom begins to stay with his mother. Her mother now goes to two jobs. Since Tom can't even buy a textbook and his problems are not over, the school will be the last. Tom can't stand it anymore. He sits by the window of their 4th floor house and thinks of suicidal thoughts. Tom thinks of what he's going through and starts crying and reproaching God. Tom starts writing a suicide letter. Mom, I can't stand it anymore. I had dreams too, but they destroyed them one by one. My father and school come first among those who do this. I was never successful in school, but I looked successful thanks to the private lessons I took and the schools I went to. I wish everyone could learn what they want in school but there is nothing I can do, I'm just an idiot who sits in the same chair 8 hours a day learning the same subjects and the same lessons as everyone else and has no purpose in this life with my useless ugly, pig-like face and an idiot who can't make anyone happy, can't even understand the easiest lesson I'm a disgrace, I'm just a surplus in this life, please forgive me. Thank you for everything mom. he finishes his letter. Tom puts the letter on his desk, heads towards the window and sees his phone flashing, wondering if it was news. At least let me read a news for the last time, says Tom. This was news about Nfts. While Tom Nft is investigating why, he realizes that it is 3 am. Tom says at least I have an Nft collection. He takes care of Nfts until the morning, goes to school at 7 am and only has Nfts on his mind at school. Tom returns home from school and sees that his Nft has been sold. With a hope, it starts to produce more Nfts and at the end of 1 week all Nfts are sold. He tells his mother about Nfts and says that he won exactly $1000, his mother starts crying Tom thinks it's from happiness, but he didn't know that his mother actually read Tom's suicide letter. His mother wouldn't let Tom notice. Tom continues to produce Nft during the day until summer vacation comes. When summer vacation comes, Tom spends 3 months putting out a huge collection and before the first semester of school ends, Tom becomes a millionaire. He and his mother move into a very nice house, and Tom tells his mother to quit the job. In March, Tom participates in a television show. Years pass by when his mother greets him at home with tears. Tom finished high school but did not attend college and started his own company. Tom now has a magnificent fortune, but there is a problem with his mother's health. While sitting at home with her mother, her mother has a heart attack. Tom rushes his mother to the hospital. They immediately take her mother to the intensive care unit, but unfortunately her mother dies. While Tom is sitting on the hospital chairs, a doctor comes to him. Tom seemed to remember her from somewhere. The doctor sits next to him and says Hi Tom. Tom sees the doctor's badge and sees that it says Jennifer on it. Tom still has nothing to say. He stutters and says hi. Jennifer says I hope you remember me. Tom says yes a lot. "I'm so sorry about everything, I was a kid, I was stupid, I didn't know what I was doing," Jennifer said. Tom says it's okay, it's been a long time since we were both kids. Jennifer says but I have sad news for you. What is it said Tom. Jennifer says we couldn't save your mother. Tom just started crying and hugged Jennifer. Tom didn't know what to do. Jennifer handed him a piece of paper. Your mother asked me to give it to you. Tom put the paper in his pocket. After a while, Tom returned home, alone this time. Tom opened the paper and began to read it was his suicide letter. Tom started crying and realized that there was another piece of paper inside, it was his mother's letter. My handsome son Tom. I know you're going through a tough time, but please don't do this to yourself, never give up. I knew that you would be successful one day, of course, and a mother's advice to you, don't care what people say, look, I cared, what's left is nothing. Tom looks at the clock crying and realizes that it is 3 am and continues to cry.

All events and characters in this text are fictional.




We will be holding many giveaway with Tom as the prize, both within and outside of our community.

PHASE 4 - Rarity Sniper (5-10%-10k)

With Rarity Sniper you can view Toms in order of rarity. In this way, you can see the rank of your Tom or the rank of the Tom you will buy.

PHASE 6 - GAME (25-30%)

Tom's Sad Life Multiplayer game will be developed and released.

PHASE 8 - Baby Toms (45-50%)

We will design new collection named Baby Toms.



Our first phase is to list 25% of NFTs. The floor price will be 0.015ETH

PHASE 3 - NEW CONTRACT (ERC-721) (10-20%-2.5k)

Our third phase is to mint our 10k Nfts with ERC-721 contract.

PHASE 5 - STAKING (With ERC-721)

The revenues of the Tom's Sad Life collection will be distributed to the holders proportionally to the Tom they own.

PHASE 7 - Free Merch (35-40%)

Clothes related to Tom will be given to randomly selected people among those who hold Tom.







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